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MALA is the MOTTO! MALA stands for "Make America Love Again". My favorite quote from our past president is "Grab her by the Pussy". Even if you weren't on his side, what he's done for America in the span of the time that every other president also has is by far the most impressive. He is a man of action. He pardoned Lil Wayne, Kodak & Desiree Perez. Even in our community, this is a feat. But the man stands on business. I admire the dedication and fortitude. Because just like Trump, I whole-heartedly believe that I can make America Love again.

They just have to listen to "The Future of Love" DJ Loverboi's 2024 Valentine's Day Mix.
This year's Live show will be in the Metaverse via VRChat.
The Link is Here:
6pm EST. 2.25.23 Sunday.

• 100% cotton
• Soft-structured
• Five panel
• Low profile
• Metal eyelets
• Nylon strap clip closure